Friday, September 25, 2009

Sept 26 update

We will be set up at the Wellesley Apple Butter and Cheese Festival on Saturday (in front of the Old Mill) so there won’t be a produce stand at Diversity Gardens for Saturday, Sept 26th.

- If you want produce this week - you can pre-order by contacting us at and we will leave your order boxed with your name on it, on the vegetable stand. Please order by Friday am. You can just leave your payment in the container provided there.

Apples are coming now - we have Paula Reds (perfect for apple crisp and sauce) and Macs this week. More varieties to follow. Please let us know if you want a quantity of a particular apple and we’ll try to source organic for you.

Squash, squash and more squash. We are just starting to pick. Right now we have different types of spaghetti squash, pie pumpkins and North Georgia Candy Roaster.

Tomatoes have been hit by late blight everywhere - so they are dwindling now. This is likely the last week for tomatoes.

Leeks are being dug - so its the time for leek and potato soup for sure!

We expect to offer produce until October 31 - and that will be our last day. So - just a few more weeks. (Then I can sleep in on Saturday mornings finally!)

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