Sunday, June 7, 2009

June 1-6 update

I think this is the first year in over a decade that we have not had most of the vegetable planting done by June 4. Our weather has been wet and cold unfortunately. We still don’t have potatoes, peppers, beans, tomatoes, eggplant, squash......... started! YIKES!!

The good news is that we are getting the herb terraces and the perennial gardens weeded - and that is a strong start.

With most of the weeding done in the Hummingbird Garden we will be able to turn our attention next week to planting down there. Same goes for the herb hills.

Kim and Erin will be able to finish weeding and spreading straw down in the lower bush garden - that will allow us to focus on the main vegetable plot.

On Saturday, we hope to get much of the heritage vegetable planting done.

With the perennial and vegetable planting done - by the middle of June we’ll be focusing on maintenance and hoeing.

Great news - we just received funding for creating signage and a self-guided tour pamphlet for the gardens!

We have decided to go ahead and do some renovations inside so that our kitchen will pass a public health inspection and then we can use it as a food premise and prepare food for events and for sale. We’ll be adding a hand washing sink and a stove.

A trailer load of straw is being delivered tomorrow morning. So – we’ll be busy spreading that for a while.

We are also getting a tree company in to do a bunch of tree removals and chipping - so we’ll have wood chips for the perennial gardens. This will include removing all the over-grown cedars around the Hummingbird Garden. Its kind of unfortunate - but they are old, and they’ve never been pruned, so pruning them now will just leave empty looking branches. So - we’ll be able to plan for something else there to plant later this year.

Not much produce available this week - we sold some at the plant sales so we are kind of cleaned out!

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