Sunday, June 21, 2009

June 14-20 update

This week the crew took down the cedar trees around the Hummingbird Garden. They will be chipping them up once its a bit drier. You can now see the entire gardens from the roadway, so it gives people driving by an idea of the expanse of the gardens.

About 80% of the first round of planting is done – still need to do the planting of flowers in the Hummingbird Garden, cucumbers, storage beans, some squash, and parsnips. Plus, its time for the second sowing of corn and the third sowing of lettuces, spinach and beets.

Lots of straw to be spread still. We don’t usually grow with so much straw mulch - but we made a mistake ordering it and took too much. No problem, it will help build organic matter on our sandy soil, plus keep weeds at bay. Plus if we get a dry year, it will help conserve moisture.

With the plants out of the greenhouse, its time to renew that area. Over the next week we’ll harvest the last of the early lettuce, beets, etc. and sow a cover crop. For the summer the greenhouse will just have early tomatoes and basil. Then in August we’ll dig in the cover crop (oats and oil seed radish) and plant for late fall greens and early (March) spring greens.

Why does Santa Claus have such a nice garden? (He likes to hoe hoe hoe!!!) Hoeing now will pay us back with a much leisurely pace in mid summer (which we’ll appreciate in the heat).

Strawberries are coming ever so slowly. Good moisture – so they’ll be big - but no warmth to bring them along. We don’t expect very many for another week.

Tomorrow (Friday) a few of us will be here getting ready for Saturday’s garden tours. We’ll be hosting tours at 10, noon and 2:00 on Saturday - although its supposed to rain - so it might not be very busy.

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